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General Dentistry


Digital X-Rays
X-Rays are essential, preventative, diagnostic tools that provide valuable information not visible during a regular dental exam. Dentist and Dental Hygienists use this information to safely and accurately detect hidden dental abnormalities and complete an accurate treatment plan. Without x-rays, problem areas may go undetected. Detecting and treating dental problems at an early stage can save you time, money, and unnecessary discomfort, and your teeth!

Galileos 3D Imaging
Galileos shows 3D displays in perfect image quality which enables clear navigation and better diagnosis. The image enables us to easily find and diagnose sinus problems, tooth abscesses, airway issues, and wisdom teeth impaction.

CEREC Single Visit Crowns
CEREC  uses computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to offer single-day restorations for patients.  This new technology has revolutionized ceramic restorations such as crowns and veneers for patients so that there is no longer a wait between preparing the restoration and finally receiving the finished product. With CEREC, the technology is used while you are sitting in the dental chair, which is both economical for you and your dentist. The restorations created are metal-free and tooth colored to restore your tooth to its natural beauty, strength, and function. With CEREC's CAD-CAM technology, these ceramic restorations can all be done in one single visit to the dentist.


Cleanings and Prevention

Sleep Medicine

  • Snore Guard Appliances
  • Sleep Apnea Appliances

Restoring Teeth

  • Composite Fillings
  • Cerec Single Visit Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Dental Implants
  • Full and Partial Dentures
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Inlay & Onlay Restorations


Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Veneers
  • Zoom Whitening
  • At Home Teeth Whitening

Stem Cell Storage

  • Stemsave
  • Store-a-tooth
  • Bioeden​

Healthcare Information

We always strive to provide our patients with the most current information regarding the link between their dental health and their overall health. We will continue to add informative website links to our site as we hear about them. Check out what's new at these sites:

Bale/Doneen Method

Oral Systemic Connection

Oral-Systemic Health News Network

Cancer Screening
Oral DNA

What Causes Bruxism?


Sugar Substitues:

* non- cariogenic

* non-glycemic index

Monk Fruit (from Amazon): 23 times sweeter than sugar

Stevia: from plant



Almond Flour

Chick Pea Flour (Penne Noodles)

Cauliflower Flour

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Waterlase Laser

The Waterlase Laser is a revolutionary dental device that uses a combination of laser energy and water to provide a painless experience.

Dental Vibe
Dental Vibe is an injection comfort system. It uses soothing vibrations to block the pain of injections. Check out their website or call us for more information on this innovative new system.

Stem Cell Storage
Saving a tooth can help protect your family's health. Stem cells from teeth are an easy and convenient source of stem cells for your family's future use. Stem cells are found in wisdom teeth and anterior baby teeth. Give us a call for more information on stem cell storage or click on the links below.

Sleep Medicine
Do you have trouble snoring? Have you been diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea and cannot tolerate CPAP? Oral appliance therapy is an excellent option for people with these problems.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that causes disrupted breathing during sleep and results in lower oxygen levels in the blood. It is important to have this disorder diagnosed and cared for because of the serious health problems that can result. Health problems associated with snoring and sleep apnea include: Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, Heart Problems, Stroke, Obesity, Diabetes.

Many people are unaware that they have sleep apnea and do not recognize the symptoms. The most common signs and symptoms of sleep apnea include: excessive daytime sleepiness, loud snoring, awakening with dry mouth or sore throat, morning headaches, scalloped marks on tongue, insomnia. For more information on sleep apnea click on one of the links below. If you would like to discuss the options available with the oral appliance therapy please contact us.